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Pigtail Peek-a-boo

Playing peekabooo with Effy in our livingroom. She's looking over the wood frame of the futon couch. It was mid-day and very bright and I wanted to play with my flashes a bit. I used an ND 8 filter to kill the ambient while still using a low f-stop. Nikon D5000 Lens: AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 shot @ f/2.8 Lighting: Promaster 7500 flash at full power shot through a 40" Promaster Umbrella SoftBox just to the right of the camera. Second smaller promaster flash bare at full power behind her. Used promaster radio triggers. Post Processing done in Lightroom 3/Photoshop CS5 www.iflook.com

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